Somnath Ghosh
Director of CMRL
Director of CISMMS

Michael G. Callas Chair Professor 
Departments of Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Materials Science & Engineering
Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore, Maryland, USA

CMRL Group

About CMRL

We at CMRL have made pioneering contributions to the field of multiple-scale modeling of behavior and failure of heterogeneous materials and manufacturing processes. This work encompasses several length scales, viz. nano-, micro and macro-scale that are characteristic of different engineering systems.


Chartered in July 2013, The Center for Integrated Structure-Material Modeling & Simulation (CISMMS) creates a collaborative, multidisciplinary research and educational program to foster foundational advances in computational modeling, simulation and design in the fields of Integrated Computational Materials Science and Engineering (ICMSE) , Multi-Scale Analysis (MSA) and Computational Structure-Material Analysis and Design (CSMAD). CISMMS creates three dimensional and computerized models and simulations to study and improve the design of materials ranging from automobiles and air craft to biomaterials and electronics.