Prof. Somnath Ghosh to Receive 2020 IACM Computational Mechanics Award

Congratulations to Somnath Ghosh, the Michael G. Callas Chair Professor in the Department of Civil and Systems Engineering, who will receive the 2020 Computational Mechanics Award from the International Association for Computational Mechanics  (IACM)!

The IACM Computational Mechanics Award is given primarily for contributions to traditional areas such as computational structural/solid mechanics, or computational fluid dynamics. It is also given to recognize contributions outside these specific areas in recognition of accomplishments in software development, scientific computing, research contributions in computational electromagnetics, semi-conductor device simulation, biomechanics or other areas that are not traditionally embraced by computational structural/solid mechanics or computational fluid dynamics, but which have general applicability to computational mechanics. Ghosh will be officially recognized at IACM’s World Congress on Computational Mechanics in Paris in mid-July 2020.

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Prof. Ghosh is a keynote speaker at USNCCM14 in Montreal, Canada.


Prof. Somnath Ghosh will give a keynote lecture at the USNCCM14 conference entitled, “Computational framework involving spatial and temporal multi-scaling for coupled transient electromagnetics-mechanical phenomena” at the Multiphysics Computation and Coupled Effects minisymposia session on Wednesday July 19th. This conference is held at the Palais des Congrès de Montréal, QC, Canada, from July 17th to July 20th. Two other members of CMRL, Deniz Oztürk and George Weber, both PhD students, will be presenting their work at this meeting.

CMRL Group Lunch Celebration



Our annual CMRL group lunch was held at Namaste, an Indian/Nepalese restaurant in Baltimore. We celebrated our recent PhD graduates in the group, Shu Guo and Jiaxi Zhang, as well as the upcoming Masters defense by Zhiren Zhu. Good luck Zhiren!

In addition, our postdoctoral fellow, Yan Azdoud, who has been in CMRL since 2014, will be leaving us this year. During his stay, his work has resulted in 2 publications. We wish you all the best Yan!

Prof. Ghosh gave a speech to acknowledge all the hard work everyone has done over the years. He wished everyone continued success and support in their future undertaking.

Prof. Ghosh at the 14th International Conference on Fracture in Rhodes, Greece.

Prof. Somnath Ghosh will be attending at the 14th International Conference on Fracture (ICF14) in Rhodes, Greece from June 18 to 23, 2017. He will be giving a lecture on June 20th, entitled, “Fatigue Modeling In Polycrystalline Alloys: Advancing Computational Mechanics and ICME Tools“, at the Recent Advances in Fatigue and Fracture Analysis session, chaired by Dr. Nagaraja Iyyer.


Jiaxi Zhang successfully defended his thesis on June 9th, 2017

Congratulations to Jiaxi Zhang! He successfully defended his thesis entitled, “Developing a Crack Propagation Model in the Metallic Materials from Self-Consistent Coupled Atomistic-Continuum Model” on Friday June 9th, 2017. Members of his thesis committee included, Prof. Somnath Ghosh, his thesis advisor, Prof. Benjamin Schafer, Prof. Lori Graham-Brady, Prof. Jaafar El-Awady and Prof. Mark Robbins.

Jiaxi has been a member of Prof. Ghosh’s Computational Mechanics Research Laboratory (CMRL), since 2010 at Ohio State University. He later moved to Johns Hopkins University with Prof. Ghosh in 2011 to pursue his PhD in the Department of Civil Engineering. He is the final member of the Ohio State University students that follow Prof. Ghosh to Johns Hopkins University, to complete his doctoral degree, following his colleagues, Coleman Alleman, Jiahao Cheng and Shu Guo.  We wish him all the best!

Prof. Ghosh gave a keynote lecture at EMI 2017 conference

Prof. Somnath Ghosh gave a keynote lecture at the EMI 2017 conference entitled, “Computational Framework Involving Spatial and Temporal Multi-Scaling for Coupled Transient Electromagnetics-Mechanical Phenomena” at the Computational Methods and Applications for Solid and Structural Mechanics Minisymposia session on Monday June 5th. This conference was held in San Diego, California, from June 4th to June 7th. Dr. Akbar Bagri (a postdoctoral fellow), and Shravan Kotha (a graduate student), two members of CMRL, also attended this conference. They both presented their work by giving an oral and a poster presentation.

Shu Guo’s Doctoral Hooding Ceremony

The Whiting School of Engineering and the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences held their third annual Homewood Schools’ Doctoral Hooding Ceremony at Shriver Hall. The event took place on May 23rd, 2017 at 3:00 pm.  Shu Guo who completed his doctoral degree in Spring 2017 was hooded by Prof. Somnath Ghosh. Both Shu Guo and Prof. Ghosh adorned their respective academic regalia for this event. Shu has been a member of Prof. Ghosh’s Computational Mechanics Research Laboratory (CMRL), since 2010 at Ohio State University. He later moved to Johns Hopkins University with Prof. Ghosh in 2011 to pursue his PhD in the Department of Civil Engineering. The title of his thesis is “A Coupled Multi-Physics Analysis Model for Integrating Transient Electro-Magnetics and Structural Dynamic Fields with Damage”.

CMRL members participated in the 2017 Mach Conference

This year’s Mach Conference was successfully held in Annapolis, Maryland, on April 5-7. Prof. Ghosh and three members of our CMRL team attended this meeting and presented their work. Jiahao Cheng, a postdoctoral researcher, gave an oral presentation entitled, “Crystal Plasticity Finite Element Modeling of Discrete Twin Evolution in Polycrystalline Microstructure” at the Slip, Twins, and Voids in Low Symmetry Materials session.

Graduate student, Zhiye Li, gave an oral as well as a poster presentation of her work at the Transverse Impact of Ballistic Fibers, Yarns and Laminates session. The title of her presentation and poster is “Micromechanical space-time dependent boundary condition (STBC) and explicit homogenization of composites subjected to high strain rate impact.

Our other graduate student, Xiaofan Zhang, also participated with an oral and poster presentation. His work entitled, “Parametric Homogenization Based Continuum Damage Mechanics Model for Composites”, was presented at the Modelling and Characterization of Fiber-Matrix Interphase session.

This annual conference showcases the state of the art of multiscale research in materials, with strong emphasis on promoting advances in fundamental science and engineering of materials and structures in extreme environments.