Zhiye Li at Mach Conference 2017

This year’s Mach Conference was successfully held in Annapolis, Maryland, on April 5-7. Prof. Ghosh and three members of our CMRL team attended this meeting and presented their work. Jiahao Cheng, a postdoctoral researcher, gave an oral presentation entitled, “Crystal Plasticity Finite Element Modeling of Discrete Twin Evolution in Polycrystalline Microstructure” at the Slip, Twins, and Voids in Low Symmetry Materials session.

Graduate student, Zhiye Li, gave an oral as well as a poster presentation of her work at the Transverse Impact of Ballistic Fibers, Yarns and Laminates session. The title of her presentation and poster is “Micromechanical space-time dependent boundary condition (STBC) and explicit homogenization of composites subjected to high strain rate impact.

Our other graduate student, Xiaofan Zhang, also participated with an oral and poster presentation. His work entitled, “Parametric Homogenization Based Continuum Damage Mechanics Model for Composites”, was presented at the Modelling and Characterization of Fiber-Matrix Interphase session.

This annual conference showcases the state of the art of multiscale research in materials, with strong emphasis on promoting advances in fundamental science and engineering of materials and structures in extreme environments.