• Prasanna Raghavan, a Ph.D. student working under Professor Somnath Ghosh, has won the prestigious Melosh Medal for the year 2003.
  • Professor Ghosh and his research work have been featured in the ‘Research Spotlight’ section in the ‘Center for Materials Research’ website.
  • Professor Ghosh was invited to be the featured keynote speaker at the annual Computational Science and Engineering Research Symposium held on 25th of April, 2003, at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign.
  • Professor Ghosh has been awarded the coveted Lumley Research Award for outstanding research from the Ohio State University for the year 2003.
  • Shawn Pearson, an Under Graduate student working under Professor Ghosh has won the second place in the UG DENMAN competition for his research work entitled ‘An Analytical Approach to the Design of Canine Cemented Hip Prosthesis’.
  • Krishnan, a M.S. student working under Professor Ghosh, recently graduated from the Computational Mechanics Research Group at OSU and has accepted a position with Vextec Corporation.
  • Professor Somnath Ghosh has been recently elected to the Executive Council of the United States Association of Computational Mechanics.