Akbar Bagri and Shravan Kotha presented at EMI 2017 in San Diego

Dr. Akbar Bagri and Shravan Kotha, represented CMRL at the EMI conference in San Diego this year, together with Prof. Somnath Ghosh who gave a Keynote Lecture, Computational Framework Involving Spatial and Temporal Multi-Scaling for Coupled Transient Electromagnetics-Mechanical Phenomena” at the Computational Methods and Applications for Solid and Structural Mechanics Minisymposium on June 5th.

Akbar Bagri presented his work, “Statistically equivalent representative volume elements and multiscale modeling of Ni-based superalloys” in a talk on June 5th at the Multi-scale Modeling of Microstructure and Property Evolution Minisympsoium.  While Shravan Kotha, a PhD student, presented his work entitled, “Probabilistic homogenization of crystal plasticity and fatigue crack nucleation models“, in a talk as well as a poster on June 6th at the Hierarchical and Multiscale Methods for Simulation Based Design of Materials Minisymposium.