CMRL is currently involved in a large and diverse research program, which has gained significant national and international recognition.

We are actively seeking outstanding and motivated Post doctoral Fellows and PhD students with Fellowship/Research Assistantship to join our research group.

We currently have Ph.D. Positions  and a Post-Doctoral position available with funding.

Interested PhD applicants with relevant background in the fields of Engineering (Aeronautical, Civil, Material & Science Engineering and Mechanical) as well as Physics and Mathematics, are encouraged to contact us. Click here for Downloadable Flyer.

Applicants should send a resume to:

Professor Somnath Ghosh

Department of Civil Engineering
Johns Hopkins University
Latrobe Hall 203, 3400 N. Charles Street,
Baltimore, MD 21218

Tel: (410) 516 7833 (office) | Fax: (410) 516 7473
e-mail: [email protected]

Learn more about PhD requirements  and Undergraduate and Graduate studies  at the Whiting School of Engineering.