Research Topics

Modeling the Evolution of Defects in Crystalline Solids Using Self-consistent Coupled
Atomistic-continuum Framework.  Subhendu Chakraborty

Computational Modeling of Coupled Electro-Magnetic-Dynamical Systems   Saikat Dan

Probability Based Homogenized Continuum Constitutive Damage Model for Integration into Structural Level Macroscopic Modeling  Shravan Kotha


High Strain Rate Modeling of Composite Microstructure Damage  Zhiye Li

Uncertainty quantification in parametrically homogenized continuum constitutive model  Thirupathi Maloth

Adaptive Crystal Plasticity FEM modeling of thermo-mechanical fatigue in Polycrystalline Ti Alloys Deniz Oztürk


3D Generation of Statistically Equivalent Gamma-Gamma’ Precipitates  Maxwell Pinz


Developing a Unified Flow Rule For Crystal Plasticity FE Modeling of Ti Alloys for a Range of Strain-Rates

Modeling Fatigue Failure of Polycrystalline Aluminum Alloys Using Crystal Plasticity Finite Element Method  Ahmad Shahba


Macroscopic Constitutive and Damage Models of Dwell Fatigue in Ti-64 Alloys from Microscopic Crystal

Plasticity Deformation and Crack Evolution  Jinlei Shen


Computational Modeling of Coupled Electro-Magnetic Dynamical Systems   Preetam Tarafder


Multiscale Crystal Plasticity FEM Modeling of Deformation and Localized Failure in Polycrystalline Titanium Alloys at High Strain-Rates  Xiaohui Tu


Integrated Image-Based Multi-Scale Modeling of Yield, Creep, and Fatigue in Nickel-Based Superalloys  George Weber


Multi-scale Damage Modeling Modeling of Composites  Yanrong Xiao


Computational Modeling of Coupled Electro-Magnetic-Dynamical Systems  Reza Yaghmaie


Parametric Homogenization Based Continuum Damage Mechanics (PHCDM) Model for Composites.  Xiaofan Zhang