Visiting Scholar

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Jiming Zhou
School of Mechanical Engineering
Northwestern Polytechnial University, Xi’an, 710072, China
Email: [email protected]



Dr. Jiming Zhou is Associate Professor from Northwestern Polytechnical University in Xi’an, China. He came to CMRL as  a visiting scholar in February 2017 and plans to return to China in February 2018.

His research is towards the fabrication of metal matrix composites and related simulation on the properties prediction and microstructure design of MMCs. He fabricated metal matrix composites by use of liquid solid forming process under high pressure with the principle of infiltrating melt alloy into the reinforcement in the form of porous preform. He contributed three aspects to the research community of metal matrix composite fabrication. (1) He proposed serials of methods to observe the infiltration behavior of melt alloy into the porous preform. The related parameters with infiltration behavior can be determined by use of the devised devices through the equation-solving method. (2) He simplified the RSA (random sequential absorption) method to construct the micromechanical model for discontinuously reinforced composite efficiently. In this method, the discontinuous reinforcement was regarded as the short segment no matter which type of reinforcement, the short fiber, particulate, or hybrid. The intersection determination was conducted in MATLAB with simple code and the coordinates of reinforcement in space was generated into a data file. The data file was then imported into ABAQUS to generate the micromechanical model. (3) He proposed to modify the interface of metal matrix composite by grafting CNT on carbon fiber so that the strength and ductility of MMCs can be improved simultaneously.


Project at JHU:

Interface of composite plays very important role to strengthen the material. Research towards understanding the interface strengthening mechanism is essential for design high efficient composite, especially for the multiscale reinforcement reinforced composite by use of carbon nanotube (CNT) grafting on the micro carbon fiber. At Johns Hopkins University with Prof. Somnath Ghosh, he will be involved in:

(1) Development of molecular dynamic model for interface between CNT grafted carbon fiber and magnesium;

(2) Predicting the interface strength and failure mechanism by use of the developed molecular dynamic model and software LAMMPS.

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